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Legal Updates for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Growers

The State legislature has passed new laws this year that have and will continue to majorly impacts on the medical marijuana industry. Here’s some legislative changes worth noting for (indoor) grows:

Signage Requirements

Starting November 1, 2022, commercial growers must put signs on their grow site. The signs must include the grower’s:

  1. Business name;

  2. Physical address;

  3. Business phone number; and

  4. The medical marijuana license number.

Also, the signs must be at least 18x24 inches; use 2inch, black standardized font; and a white background. Growers must also follow any local ordinances that might apply. Although it might seem unimportant, failure to comply, “shall result in the immediate revocation of the medical marijuana commercial grower license.” S.B. 1737; 63 O.S. § 427.21(C).

Mandatory Employee Badges & Credentialing

Beginning January 1, 2024, employees of medical marijuana businesses must apply and receive a credential authorizing that employee to work at the company. It’s unclear what “credentialing” entails, but it will likely resemble the application process for transport agent licenses. Though, that is pure speculation. Medical marijuana businesses should consider implementing a standardized process for collecting employee information. This would make getting credentialing, background checks, and licensing more efficient. S.B. 1704

Annual Tier Based Fee

Next year (January 1, 2023), licensed growers must pay an annual fee based upon “the total amount of square feet of canopy harvested by the grower during the previous twelve (12) months.” The annual fee varies by tier and ranges from $2,500 (10,000sqft) to over $50,000 (100,000 sqft (grows with over 100,000 sqft pay $0.50 per sqft.)). H.B. 2179; 63 O.S. § 427.21(D)(2).

Need Help?

Martuch Law represents commercial growers across Oklahoma with a wide-range of issues including regulatory compliance. We also help growers manage their business affairs like drafting and reviewing transaction agreements and business organization documents. We have succeeded in numerous collection actions for unpaid account debts and assisted many grow owners with breach of contract cases. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to find out how we can help your medical marijuana business succeed.


* The legislative updates mentioned in this article are for informational purposes and is not a complete or comprehensive list of changes. Find out more on the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority website.

** The content contained herein includes advertisements for legal services.

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