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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation usually involves a legal dispute (between individuals, businesses, and sometimes a governmental body) where one side seeks to enforce a right or protect a private interest against the other. However, civil litigation is expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. Most of the time, it's the last resort after all other attempts to resolve an issue have failed. 

We emphasize efficient and quick resolutions to avoid prolonged and expensive litigation. But we never back down from aggressively advocating when necessary. We examine each case from the perspective of what's most important to our client.  First, we get an in-depth understanding of the client's situation. Then we help the client define their goals, recognize and assess potential risks, and identify their best options. Finally, we formulate and pursue a case strategy based on their values and desired outcomes. 

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Personal Injury

Real Estate & Personal Property Disputes 


Breach of Contract

Financial Elder Abuse

Insurance Claim Disputes


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