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Courthouse Steps

Limited Scope &
Unbundled Services

Hiring a lawyer can be expensive. We believe that everyone deserves to have quality, professional legal representation regardless of how much money you make. As part of our commitment to providing valuable and affordable legal services, we offer a robust list of limited scope/unbundled services.  

Limited scope services or unbundled services are an alternative to traditional, full-service representation. Instead of handling every task in a matter from start to finish, we handle specific parts or tasks, usually at a flat or reduced rate. This allows you access to an attorney for drafting documents or to get legal advice, but you handle most of the work yourself such as corresponding with the opposing side, managing deadlines, completing discovery, and preparing for and arguing at hearings. As a result, you get the legal services you need but save money on paying for full representation.

Martuch Law offers limited scope services in an array of areas including:

  • Drafting court documents for civil and family law cases;

  • Advice and consultations on an as-needed basis;

  • Coaching and preparation for hearings;

  • Contract review and consulting;

  • Drafting and sending demand & cease and desist letters; and

  • Business organization agreements


However, limited scope services are not appropriate for every situation and must be determined on a case-by-case basis. Schedule a FREE consultation to find out if limited scope services are right for you. You can read more about our full-representation services on our Civil Litigation and Business Organization & Transactions page.

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