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Financial District

Business Organization &

We help new businesses get started and ensure existing businesses are protected.  We offer a long list of services both in and out of the court room. Whether it's drafting and reviewing an ownership agreement, negotiating a product or service contract, or changing your business into something else entirely, we offer comprehensive services to fit your needs.  

Create a Business

We'll help you choose the right business structure for your needs. We take care of the paperwork. Need an ownership agreement, trade name, or tax number? No problem! 

Transactions & Breach of Contract

We help businesses implement reusable forms for repetitive types of transactions like hiring independent contractors or leasing property to make every day operations more efficient. 

Business Ownership Agreements

Businesses change all the time. Let us protect all your hard work whether you're selling, buying, or entering into a new business relationship, we lookout for your bottom-line.

Business Disputes

We represent small businesses in court proceedings for a wide-variety of issues including unpaid goods or services, work defects, collections, and more. 

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