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Limited Scope & Unbundled Services

Get the legal help you need at rates you can afford with our robust list of Limited Scope and Unbundled Services. An alternative to traditional full-representation, where you only pay for the services you need and save money on overall legal expenses. 

What are Limited Scope & Unbundled Services? 

Limited Scope & Unbundled Services means you handle most of the work for your legal matter and a lawyer does a specific task or part. For example, you may be capable of opening a business by yourself but need a contract between you and the other owners that protects your rights and business interests. You would be in charge of doing all the paperwork and meeting the requirements for opening a business, while a lawyer would draft you a business agreement based on your situation. By only paying for what you need, you typically save on legal expenses overall. There are many limited scope & unbundled services available for all kinds of situations.  At Martuch Law, we work with you during your initial consultation to figure out what your exact needs are and what services are right for you. 

Affordable Rates

 Experienced Lawyers

Flexible Appointments

Straight-Forward Services

How We Can Help

Hiring a lawyer can be expensive. But you don't have to face your legal problems alone. We'll work with you to figure out your needs and what fits within your budget. **

Draft court documents 

Legal advice and consultations 
Coaching and hearing preparation
Review contracts
Demand letters
Business organization agreements

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